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Red Engagement Rings: The Heart-Warming Rubelite

Mar. 11 2015
Tina Engell has created a beautiful homage to alternative gemstones by choosing this unusual rubelite for her lovely red engagement ring design.

When I look at Tina Engell’s designs it is almost as if she is taking inspiration straight from my favourite jewellery styles. I know I would have a lot of faith in her if she was L and my bespoke designer as our tastes seemed to connect instantly. L and I love this red engagement ring and the unusual gemstone it is boasting: a rubelite.

I am intrigued by designers who opt for unconventional stone cuts such as this rubelite’s cabochon shaping.
Ring, 18ct gold with pink rubelite by Tina Engell

Ring, 18ct gold with pink rubelite by Tina Engell

L and I always find that the cabochon cut gives a very tactile feel to the overall design. The deep and warm rubelite is certainly the centre piece of this red engagement ring and I know that this is exactly how Tina likes her designs to be.

I heartily agree with Tina’s approach of simplistic elegance.

Tina’s Danish origins definitely shine through with this ‘less is more’ ring that incorporates her signature cup setting. Tina uses this setting as it is stronger and less distracting than a claw setting but also serves the purpose of hoisting the gemstone up into the air for all to see. It certainly makes the ring more noticeable and is a very popular setting among her bespoke clients.

I love that Tina plays with settings and form but keeps the design from becoming too complicated. Her rings definitely have a clean confidence to them which appeals to L and me greatly. I feel as if we could almost be kindred spirits when it comes to bespoke design!



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