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Karlin Anderson’s Inspired Homage to Autumn

Dec. 1 2015
Karlin Anderson pays homage to autumn with this intricately designed ring in 18ct rose gold, brown diamonds, opals, alexandrites and smoky quartz.

Sometimes beauty comes with simplicity, but at other times it’s the intricacy of the work of true artisans like Karlin Anderson that stops you in your tracks and really makes you go “wow”.

Both L and I are big fans of the theatre and detail of Karlin’s extraordinary work, and we never fail to be taken aback by her imagination and inventiveness. This 18ct rose gold autumn cluster ring set with brown diamonds, opals, alexandrites and smoky quartz is a truly distinctive piece.

Detail, drama and distinctive design are the hallmarks of Karlin Anderson’s exquisite pieces.
Karlin Anderson's 18ct Rose Gold Ring

Karlin Anderson’s 18ct Rose Gold Ring

The ring combines the resonance of 18ct rose gold with the delicate opacity of opals and alexandrites, and the raw, earthy beauty of brown diamonds and smoky quartz. Taking inspiration from the season, the cluster of gemstones rests in an embrace of gold leaves, with the delicate placement of each stone serving its purpose to bring Karlin’s enchanting autumn theme to life.

The combination of rose gold and smoky quartz is thoroughly original, and it gives the ring a subtle, organic feel, well suited to the theme. But with her signature intuitive style, Karlin’s addition of opals, brown diamonds and alexandrites woven into the design allows the ring to catch the light and demand the attention of the viewer.

The use of complementary gemstones and rose gold allows Karlin the free rein for her creativity to tell the story.

L and I love the passion and personality Karlin puts into each and every piece she designs. Her desire to make “beautifully crafted jewellery” is borne out by her highly skilled craftsmanship and her genuine desire to connect with her clients on a deeper level in order to create a piece that reflects their style and personality.




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