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Andrew Leggett’s Romance With Red Gold and Platinum

Dec. 1 2015
Andrew Leggett's stunning diamond, platinum and red gold ring has all the hallmarks of romance complemented by his innovative "flick" design.

Red, in all its gorgeous hues, has always been synonymous with romance, so when I got my first look at Andrew Leggett’s exquisite platinum and red gold solitaire engagement ring, I thought it was one of the most romantic pieces of jewellery I’d ever seen.

This gorgeous ring is part of Andrew’s elegant “Flick” series that F spoke about recently, and the asymmetrical design lends itself perfectly to the blend of two metals, offset by the brilliant-cut 0.36 carat diamond and two smaller diamonds set into the band.

The exquisite brilliant-cut diamond set against the platinum and red gold band creates a dramatic and romantic effect.
Andrew Leggett's Romance With Red Gold and Platinum

Andrew Leggett’s Romance With Red Gold and Platinum

In this stunning two tone design, Andrew has taken a simple aesthetic premise – the blending of two different, yet complementary metals – and created a seamless union, with neither competing to outdo the other. It struck me that it’s exactly what an engagement between two people in love is supposed to symbolise. Call me a hopeless romantic (guilty as charged), but I just love that idea.

The brilliant-cut solitaire diamond at the heart of the ring is the undeniable star, but its bezel setting creates a certain understated grace, caught between the platinum band and the red gold “flick”.

In a romantic twist on the traditional solitaire style, Andrew’s restrained design is unusual in its detail.

In the design of this ring Andrew’s love of asymmetrical lines is evident, but it also displays his talent for taking the age-old skills of traditional jewellery design and weaving them into his unique, contemporary styles. With his use of cutting-edge technology and knowledge of a vast range of metals and gemstones, Andrew has the courage to step outside the constraints of the mainstream.

It’s obvious that Andrew designs from the heart, and for me, that’s what makes him so special as an engagement ring designer.



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