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1 Dec. 2015

Andrew Leggett’s Romance With Red Gold and Platinum

Call me a hopeless romantic (guilty as charged), but I just love the symbolism behind two-toned engagement rings. The entanglement of two different, yet complementary metals that create a seamless union, with neither competing to outdo the other... How can you fail to love that idea to represent your relationship? Read More...

1 Dec. 2015

Karlin Anderson’s Inspired Homage to Autumn

You'd never believe the ingenious thought process and craftsmanship that resulted in this ring. From the intricate leaves pattern to the selection of the many unusual stones, which each have complementing qualities, Karlin Anderson really outdid herself with this design. Read More...

Tourmaline ring by Andrew Leggett
13 May. 2015

Pink Engagement Rings with Unusual Stones

We already know that Andrew Leggett’s work tends to stand out from the crowd for its unique asymmetric designs, but this particular pink engagement ring gives us a glimpse of another one of Andrew’s quirks too: his passion for working with unusual gemstones. Learn all about the features of this inspiring piece of jewellery here. Read More...

Ring, 18ct gold with pink rubelite by Tina Engell
11 Mar. 2015

Red Engagement Rings: The Heart-Warming Rubelite

Tina Engell’s Scandinavian origins definitely shine through with this ‘less is more’ ring that, in my mind, is the epitome of simplistic elegance. I am charmed by the unusual choice of gemstone, a rubelite, as well as with the way it was cut in a cabochon shape and set in Tina’s signature cup setting. I feel as if this designer and I could be kindred spirits when it comes to bespoke design. Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Inspired by Nature

Mirri Damer recreates the raw nature of Cornwall with this beautiful ring set. Having been in Cornwall before, I can definitely understand why Mirri is so inspired by the place she lives and I can see the golden tint of a sunset reflected in the water of the sea in this combination of rose gold rings. It’s a true talent of hers to be able to create commissions that can transport its beholders to a different world... Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

Unconventional Rose Gold Engagement Rings

L and I are fascinated by the way that our community member Maya Selway decides on the bands of her engagement rings by studying the gemstone first. Taking a close look at the single cognac diamond in this ring, I am indeed struck by the way the rose gold with its rough and unusual finish seems to almost reflect the qualities of the centre stone... Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

The Force of Nature within Pink Engagement Rings

This ring design by Mabel Hasell combines passionate rubies with the rawness of nature. A creation like this would be impossible to imitate, since the cire perdue technique that she has used allows the raw gemstones to position themselves of their own accord while being cast inside the metal... If the idea of having an engagement ring that features raw gemstones and a natural and spontaneous setting appeals to you, I strongly advise you to read on! Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

The Search for the Organic: Rose Gold Engagement Rings

When I first saw this gorgeous rose gold ring design by Karlin Anderson, it made me think of blowing bubbles on a summery festival day. And indeed, this design turned out to be inspired by, you guessed it, bubbles! I love how Karlin is able to capture something so fleeting within something so permanent as a precious metal... And don’t you love the colour palette that is created by the brown and white diamonds? Read More...



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F&L's Guide

Many newlyweds look to their engagement ring as a reminder of the love and passion they feel for each other. The symbolism held in a beautiful pink engagement ring, whether the effect is created by just a gorgeous pink centre stone or a delicate rose gold band, will beautifully represent the feelings of love, devotion and romance between a couple.