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Sophisticated Multi-Coloured Engagement Rings

Jul. 25 2015
Tina Engell has created a beautiful coloured engagement ring that pays homage to her passion to combine gemstones.

Tina Engell is the epitome of a talented designer with buckets of craftsmanship earned from her vigorous and multi-cultural training.

Her designs boast elegant simplicity combined with an expert’s eye for beautiful gemstones.

July 25 - Tina Engell

L and I love this coloured engagement ring with its double gemstone design, especially with the combination of colours that Tina has picked out. This ring also incorporates her famous cup setting which she engineered specially to protect and enhance the appearance of the gemstones in her designs.

Tina has found the perfect balance of colour and design within this multi-coloured engagement ring.

By using two different coloured gemstones I always think there is a risk that the design may look too extravagant and distract from the beauty of the stones. However, as always, Tina’s simplistic band and setting design work perfectly with the combination of colours and make this ring a true work of art.

Tina’s choice of precious metal complements the earthy and natural colours of the gemstones beautifully and is the perfect addition to this sophisticated piece of jewellery. Flicking through Tina’s other designs is a real treat as you can see how she uses her personal style to enhance each commission with her flowing and elegant shapes.

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