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Robert Feather’s Majestic Engagement Ring Design

Jan. 28 2015
Robert Feather incorporates his acute spatial awareness and passion for sapphire gemstones within this magnificent engagement ring design.

Robert Feather has a keen eye for all elements of bespoke jewellery design, whether that is texture, colour or form. This is certainly evident within this unique ring which incorporates different coloured sapphires in an array of cuts.

Silver and gold rings with coloured sapphires by Robert Feather

Silver and gold rings with coloured sapphires by Robert Feather

What was really intriguing to L and me was Robert’s focus on the space in between the gemstones. We’re used to designers mainly focusing on the gems, more so than on the metal around them.

Robert uses his acute spatial awareness to lay the gems out in a pattern that finds the perfect balance between metal and stone.

The finish of the metal is so alluring that the space is well deserved. The combination of the embedded gemstones and intriguing metal texture makes for a very tactile design that the wearer must constantly be running their fingers over!

There is almost something medieval in Robert’s choice of gemstone shapes and settings, especially in the gold design.

The rings remind me of miniature medieval crowns and certainly hold the same majestic air.

At the same time it is refreshingly different to the traditional jewellery designs that dominate high street jewellers. Robert’s creation really sums up bespoke work for me; original, refreshing and creative!


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