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Coloured Engagement Rings with Simple Elegance

Jan. 28 2015
Catherine Mannheim uses her inspiration of minimalism to create rings that L and I think are truly stunning. What do you think?

I have always appreciated the cool aesthetics of the minimalist art movement and within these beautiful rings I can see that minimalism speaks to Catherine Mannheim in the same way. The love of simplicity allows for an innovative approach to design that can rarely be trumped in terms of its elegance.

Coloured rings by  Catherine Mannheim

Coloured rings by Catherine Mannheim

I love that Catherine has chosen to group these rings together; they create a translucent splash of delicate colour that immediately catches my eye.

The softly glowing yellow gold and the simple but elegant bezel setting perfectly show off the glorious range of colours that she has used in these solitaire rings. I know that Catherine loves to experiment with gold and the fact that each of these ring bands has its own unique finish is very appealing!

Looking at these rings I can see where other designers may have added more detailing or gemstones, but I’m glad they haven’t had the chance.

Catherine’s talent for creating the perfect balance between the minimal ring detailing and centre stone is unparalleled.

L commented on how refreshing it is to be able to fully appreciate the gemstones without any distractions. The only question these rings left us with was what colour we loved the most!

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