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Beautifully Sculpted Colour Engagement Rings

Jan. 28 2015
Andrew English’s eye for sculpture is interwoven with a myriad of colours. The result is this truly beautiful engagement ring.

As I examined Andrew English’s beautiful mosaic ring I could see the many elements that influence his work. His background as a sculptor is evident within this engagement ring and I have a lot of admiration for Andrew’s ability to translate his talent to such small and intricate designs.

Coloured engagement ring by Andrew English

Coloured engagement ring by Andrew English

The white gold metal is a perfect background for the yellow, pink and blue sapphires.

I know how closely Andrew works alongside his clients so I can imagine each gem representing a door into a different memory that will have a special meaning to them. It is a true testament to his talent that Andrew is able to observe a couple’s relationship and translate it into a totally unique and beautiful ring.

There are so many things about Andrew’s design approach that appeal to me. I love that he likes to work with gems that have inclusions. The idea of wearing a stone which is extremely close to its natural state is very romantic to me. Also, wearing a stone with a unique inclusion makes it completely individual to you and I simply adore that!

I find myself getting lost inside the colours of this beautiful design.

The detailing is so intricate that I can only begin to imagine how much Andrew must have thrown himself into perfecting it. His work has a sculpted and architectural feeling to it but the rawness of his creativity is still evident; his work certainly has no trace of an engineered vibe. I think this is certainly a feat of a design that any client would treasure.

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