Our favourite colourful engagement rings

25 Jul. 2015

Sophisticated Multi-Coloured Engagement Rings

Tina Engell’s respect for her commissioned gemstones provokes an equal amount of respect from L and me! She refuses to let the overall design of her coloured engagement rings upstage the gemstone and sticks to stunning simplicity, as she has done with this beautiful design. The combination of the orange and green gemstones with the 18ct gold ring band is sublime. Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

Robert Feather’s Majestic Engagement Ring Design

This ring designed by Robert Feather uses sapphires in a refreshing and innovative way. From the combination of vivid colours to the carefully considered placement of the playfully shaped stones; Robert’s approach of this jewellery piece is almost sculptural, architectural... In fact, his work in general really sums up bespoke work for me: original, refreshing and creative. Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

Mystical Purple Engagement Rings

This purple creation by London jewellery designer Esther Eyre is a collision of fairytale and history. The ancient world of the Etruscans comes back to life in the combination of form and gemstone while provoking visions of princesses and castles and dreamy, romantic fantasies... Read my review of this magical purple engagement ring and find out how to get in touch with Esther Eyre if you want her to become your personal jewellery designer! Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

Coloured Engagement Rings with Simple Elegance

Catherine Mannheim shows the beauty in simplicity with these colourful ring designs. The vivid colours of the gemstones go perfectly well with the simplistic bezel settings that lift the stones and put them into centre stage. The subtle detailing on the gold ring bands makes each and every one of Catherine’s rings unique and moreover very appealing to couples looking for a one-off piece of jewellery to celebrate their engagement Read More...

28 Jan. 2015

Beautifully Sculpted Colour Engagement Rings

F&L member Andrew English skilfully connects form and colour in a truly unique ring design that shows hints of his background as a sculptor. I know how closely Andrew works alongside his clients so I wonder about all the stories and memories that are hidden in plain sight in this colourful and inspiring piece of jewellery. Read More...

jewellery designers who love colours

Tina EngellBath
Susan PeiresLondon
Ornella IannuzziLondon
Alexis DoveSussex
David McLoughlinLondon
Sophie BreitmeyerLondon
Mirri DamerCornwall
Diana PorterBristol
Daniel GallieLondon
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Jana ReinhardtSussex
Amanda MansellLondon
Aimee WinstoneBristol
Robert FeatherYorkshire
Nicola HurstPlymouth
Mabel HasellLondon
Serena FoxSurrey
James NewmanBirmingham
Andrew EnglishLondon
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Beth GilmourLondon
Melanie EddyLondon
Andrew GeogheganYorkshire
Esther EyreLondon
Amanda Li HopeLondon
Simon WrightLondon
Jo BellLondon
Keith GordonHertfordshire
Andrew LeggettSussex

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The days of simply choosing a white diamond to sit on a metal band are over. A new era, reflecting women’s desire for unique and individual items, has begun and is directly influencing the world of engagement rings.