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Chris and Joy Poupazis: Experimenting with Colour

May. 28 2015
Chris and Joy Poupazis set their creative genius to the art of using colour in engagement rings with this beautiful design. The result is truly stunning!

With a motto as exciting as ‘Dreams to Reality’, I was thrilled at the idea of having the opportunity to see some of Chris and Joy Poupazis’ work up close.

“This beautiful design certainly embraces dreamlike qualities with its gorgeous collection of colours and swirling fairy-tale shape.”

F and I are forever impressed by designers who have the ability to pull off colourful engagement rings, as we believe it is a challenge which requires a meticulous set of skills. Chris and Joy have pulled it off perfectly with the stunning balance of light and dark shades of diamonds and a sparkling purple spinel completing it breathtakingly. I definitely agree with the choice of a silver band as I think it complements the lighter diamonds extremely well.

Spinel by Joy and Chris

Spinel by Joy and Chris Poupazis

I love that Joy went the extra mile for her client in order to find them a hardy yet gorgeous purple centre stone.

Joy explained to us that her client had wanted a purple gem but was worried about the softness of Amethysts as they aren’t particularly suited to everyday wear. The spinel was a genius idea that wouldn’t have occurred to me! Joy certainly knows her unusual gemstones and this combined with Chris’ craftsmanship is what makes their work so original and special.


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