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Connotations and Meanings of Blue Engagement Rings

Mar. 24 2014
Wearing blue engagement rings can say a lot about both you and your partner. Find out more in this article.

I love my evenings with Milly. She really helps me to relax and see the world with more open eyes. My sceptical nature dominates me, something that I am more than aware of, and when I spend time with Milly I feel myself becoming more able to accept the parts of life that normally I choose not to.

Last week we were curled up on her couch, drinking wine and watching the dancing candle flames that were lit around the room. The evocative smell of incense surrounded us and I felt completely relaxed and somewhat privileged to be there.

Milly was asking how the engagement ring mission was going, and when I told her about the ideas I was having for blue engagement rings, she looked at me searchingly and wanted to know if I had considered all of the connotations that were associated with the stones we were considering.

Milly knows I love blue as I wear blue a lot, and she believes that blue accessories or even blue engagement rings indicate that a person has a series of specific personality traits connected to the esoteric meaning of the colour.

Calming Esotheric Blue

Traditionally, blue is associated with coolness and it is the colour of the sky, the ocean and Heaven. It also represents sleep and twilight, and its calming properties make it the perfect compliment for people who are prone to getting wound up and find it hard to relax.

ocean beach in evening by Takashi Hososhima, used under a creative commons license  (HTTP://CREATIVECOMMONS.ORG/LICENSES/BY/2.0/LEGALCODE)

Blue Engagement Rings are calming but yet revitalising – just like the sea.

In art, it is often used to symbolise perspective, as it gives the illusion of distance and of an open, infinite horizon. Milly shows me the picture that sits above her bed and I can see just what she means. The intensely calm and peaceful blue colours that exude from the canvas detract from a lack of subject.

Due to the cool, positive vibrations that the colour blue is said to transmit, communication is encouraged among those who find it difficult to express themselves.

It is fascinating how, throughout history, human society has related to certain elements, tying them to superstitions and associating them with certain traits or abilities both within the community and the environment. At other times, these associations appeared to be more natural, coming from things people observed in their everyday life and then naturally linked to elements in their lifestyle.

It is demonstrative to me that humans need to have faith and a belief in something. I am a scientist, but secretly I love the idea that the natural world is a power that we cannot fully harness.

Different Shades, Different Meanings

Milly decided to show me one of her more modern books about the meaning of birthstones and gemstones and it seems that, today, blue is more commonly linked to sincerity and spirituality, while different hues of blue are also linked to different attributes.

Lighting Ridge Opal and Yellow Gold Ring by David and Barry McCaul

Lighting Ridge Opal and Yellow Gold Ring by David and Barry McCaul

Dark blue engagement rings are thought to symbolise truth and moderation, while blue engagement rings fashioned with a blue topaz or a sapphire are believed to be more soothing. Milly revelled in the idea that lapis lazuli and azurite can heighten psychic power, but she knew she would never quite convince me of that.

Turquoise is apparently another good colour to go for when making or buying blue engagement rings, as it symbolises youth and is said to provide protection, health, confidence and strength.

I love the way Milly has such a romantic view of the world and I always feel enlightened after our chats. Arriving back home that night, F was waiting up for me. He knew we had had a great evening and he just smiled, told me he loved me and asked me to tell him all about it over breakfast in the morning.


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