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Blue Engagement Rings: The Rare Tanzanite

Jan. 8 2015
Julia Lloyd George knows what she’s doing when it comes to creating stunning blue engagement rings and this design is no different.

Julia Lloyd George is one of my favourite designers when it comes to discussing coloured gemstones. She has so much knowledge and a rather impressive collection of rare gems. On this occasion it was one of her blue engagement rings which caught my eye, sporting a large tanzanite as its centre stone. The depth of the stone’s colour really blew me away and when Julia explained to me about her ocean inspiration I could see it immediately. The violet hues within the stone never fail to catch my eye.

18 carat white gold Tanzanite cabochon and Diamond shoulders ring by Julia Lloyd George

18 carat white gold Tanzanite cabochon and Diamond shoulders ring by Julia Lloyd George

F commented on the unusual choice of a cabochon cut gem, which I agreed was fairly uncommon among most designs we’d seen.

I’ve always thought that gems wouldn’t be as impressive without the brilliance created by facets, but I was definitely wrong.

In fact, having the tanzanite cut into a cabochon is what gives it the ocean-like pattern which makes the ring pop. With the absence of facets I find myself getting lost in the depth of colours the tanzanite has to offer. It was a really clever move on Julia’s part and had me considering a cabochon for my own bespoke design!

Julia and I both agreed that when it comes to blue engagement rings it’s important to focus on the gem and make it the most visible aspect of the ring. This is actually something Julia believes for all of her designs. She incorporates settings and metals which complement the gem without taking away from it. With our mutual love of gemstones, I know Julia would definitely be able to create me something just right.



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