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28 May. 2015

Blue Engagement Rings: The Art of the Aquamarine

Simon Wright has one of the friendliest approaches we have seen in a designer which matches the warmth of his incredible jewellery designs. His down-to-earth approach makes for an intriguing contrast with this extravagant blue engagement ring, which emits traditional sophistication. His creative flair comes out in stunning creative decisions such as the use of a sparkling aquamarine gemstone. Read More...

Blue Flick Ring by Andrew Leggett
25 Mar. 2015

Asymmetrically Beautiful Blue Engagement Rings

Striving to create jewellery that is truly of our time, Andrew Leggett has adapted his craftsmanship abilities to fulfil this goal. His use of the rub-over setting is unlike any other designer I’ve seen, and it does wonders for this beautiful blue engagement ring. If you want a bespoke designer who is massively contributing to the modern jewellery scene then Andrew is your man. Read More...

Blue sea glass and diamond ring by Nicola Hurst
8 Jan. 2015

Unusual Blue Engagement Rings by Nicola Hurst

Nicola Hurst created this stunning ring using a piece of sea glass that her client had found on the beach and topped it off with a sparkling diamond. I think the fact that she was able to create something so beautiful with a stone that came straight out of nature is irrefutable proof of her imagination and talent for improvisation; two essential traits of a bespoke engagement ring designer. Read More...

18 carat white gold Tanzanite cabochon and Diamond shoulders ring by Julia Lloyd George
8 Jan. 2015

Blue Engagement Rings: The Rare Tanzanite

Julia Lloyd George’s tanzanite ring reminds me of the blue depths of the ocean. The blue and violet hues within the cabochon stone simply make me want to plunge inside it! Being one of my favourite designers to turn to when it comes to discussing coloured gemstones, Julia makes sure that each of the mind-blowing gemstones she buys is put into centre stage in her engagement ring designs. Read More...

8 Jan. 2015

The Electric Tanzanite | Blue Engagement Rings

Christopher Anderson captures his love for blue with this eccentric tanzanite ring. His highly distinctive and unusual style of designing is a perfect match for this equally bold and outstanding tanzanite. If I wanted to take a special gemstone and raise it to a whole new level in my bespoke engagement ring, I know who’d be my designer of preference! Read More...

8 Jan. 2015

Blue Engagement Rings: Anton Kata’s Topaz Beauty

This topaz engagement ring designed and created by Anton Kata is truly a vision of beauty. Much less costly than a sapphire, the blue topaz is a lesser-known but equally stunning option for a blue engagement ring and I would definitely consider it.This dreamy and perfectly polished designer ring fills me with excitement about the endless possibilities for my own bespoke token of love... Read More...



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F&L's Guide

Sometimes it is easy for couples to get so caught up in the technicalities of choosing an engagement ring that they begin to lose sight of the significance behind the gesture. True, it is important to know about the 4Cs and price etc. However this offering is so much more than that and its significance is beautifully conveyed by a symbolic blue engagement ring.