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Why Choose a Black Engagement Ring?

Jan. 26 2014
There are a number of advantages to black engagement rings beyond their unique appearance. Learn about them here.

I hate the gym. Or more specifically I hate going to the gym and the idea of becoming sweaty and exhausted is simply not very motivating.

However, after dragging myself to the gym the other day to inflict that modern form of torture upon myself called the elliptical machine, I discovered a slight silver lining. People watching. Ok, some might call it eavesdropping but it really is quite fascinating!

I overheard two girls discussing their friend’s unique black engagement ring and their description of it really piqued my curiosity. Apparently the friend had chosen a black oxidized sterling silver for the band with a bright pink topaz centre stone surrounded by tiny white diamonds. It sounded exquisite!

Back to Black

I decided to look into this idea a little further and found that in recent years, black engagement rings have become increasingly popular among couples. Be it due to their unique appearance, the growing influence of Goth culture on western society, the increasing number of celebrities wearing them or the rarity of their featured gemstones, more and more future brides and grooms seek out black jewellery for their significant others.

Black Etched Pipe Ring for Bryan by Yolanda Chiu, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Black engagement rings are an exciting alternative to more commonly used colours.

But once in possession of the jewel, these couples will find that there are more arguments in favour of these distinctive black rings than just their outward appearance.

In fact, black jewellery presents a number of advantages uniquely their own.

For instance, black stones, such as diamonds, are the perfect complement to lighter metals like white gold or platinum. These stones are what give black engagement rings their distinctive appearance, since the graphite contained within them gives them a stunningly high sheen that has come to be associated with Goth-inspired jewellery.

An Androgynous Colour

Black engagement rings are also the perfect type of engagement ring for men to wear since their appearance can be designed to be less feminine than that of more traditional wedding or engagement bands. As such, the stigma of femininity is not as associated to black rings as it is to the regular kind, helping men feel more comfortable about wearing them.

Finally, black engagement rings are rather versatile since they can be combined with both light and dark metals on the bands and settings, and since many stones, other than diamonds, are available in black. Also, in the same way a diamond engagement ring goes with every outfit so does a black engagement ring.

I can now see the many reasons to choose a black engagement ring beyond their unique appearance or celebrity endorsements. These are some of the most original options available in the engagement ring market, and should please anyone looking for a beautiful ring that is also sturdy, unusual and versatile!


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