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Can a Black Engagement Ring Look Feminine?

Apr. 10 2014
Certain design details and gemstone selections can make a black engagement ring look even more feminine than a traditional sparkly one.

I will admit that, although I do not consider myself a ‘girly-girl’, I do appreciate feminine touches to things, especially jewellery. F complains of this sometimes contradictory characteristic of mine and claims he never knows whether to buy me flowers or a trowel.

So he was not all that surprised when I showed great interest in the idea of a black engagement ring. However, he was surprised that I was drawn to them for their femininity.

Rhodium Tahitian Pearl Ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

Rhodium Tahitian Pearl Ring by Ornella Iannuzzi

The Wondrous World of Black

We have both discovered that black rings come in many guises. Some are created with dramatic looking black diamonds or exotic black pearls and we have also seen some featuring a deep black shaded onyx. Others are made from black metals with soft smoky finishes such as oxidized silver or black rhodium silver.

Each ring is always strikingly unique and carries an aura of mystery and sophistication.

I think my interest in the black engagement ring was originally piqued by one of our designers, Ornella Iannuzi. Ornella crafts stunning black rings from a variety of metals and pairs them with delicate pearls in a magnificent ode to the natural world, which is one of her primary inspirations. F quickly agreed, after seeing Ornella’s work, that every one of her designs were ultra-feminine and exquisitely beautiful.

Would you... by Ornella Iannuzzi

Would you… by Ornella Iannuzzi

The Finer Details

I have always been drawn to engagement rings that have delicate and ornate details added to them, such as intricate carvings and metalwork techniques. I have also found that these details are beautifully enhanced when set in a black precious metal. This, to me, is the feminine look that can be superiorly achieved with a black ring band. The details simply stand out more and enhance the overall look of the ring wonderfully.

Complementary Partnership of Colour

I have found that the most feminine looking black engagement rings play off the contrast of colours between the metal and the stone. Vibrantly coloured gemstones take on a whole new life when set against the rich black colour of oxidized silver. And, like with most black accessories, the look is extremely flattering on my hand. Even F had to admit that the black engagement ring sporting a vivid pink sapphire centre stone that I tried on the other day was, without a doubt, exquisitely feminine.

Initially I had assumed that a black engagement ring would possibly be too bold and slightly masculine looking. However, after seeing how this colour can be manipulated and forged into the most feminine and elegant of rings, I am sure that even my supressed ‘girly’ side would be thrilled to receive one of these.


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