Why Choose A White Engagement Band?

Feb. 21 2014
White gold engagement rings make a stunning alternative to platinum. They also have a classy and elegant allure all of their own, and Eva Longoria apparently agrees.

Isn’t it funny how your tastes change as you grow older? In my early twenties I was sure that I would never have a white gold engagement ring as I always felt gold was aging and wouldn’t match any of my other jewellery, apart from the fact that it was the ‘en vogue’ metal of choice at the time.

Then, when F and I embarked on our mission to find the perfect engagement ring, I started being much more open to all kinds of engagement ring options and found that my tastes had changed more than I ever thought.

That said, when I was scrolling through some celebrity trashy mag at the hairdressers last week, I noticed Eva Longoria’s simply exquisite white gold engagement ring and I began to think more about choosing white gold after all.

eva-longoria-90110004 by jingdianmeinv, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Eva Longoria with her white ring

Good Enough for Eva

The idea of a shiny, elegant band that oozes style without being over the top is very attractive. There is no doubt that Eva’s band set her stone off magnificently and complemented the gem rather than competing for attention on the ring. The white colour of the band highlights the brilliance of the diamond remarkably well and so the two sit together in perfect harmony.

White gold engagement rings are well known to be a lot easier to find, are available in a much wider range of styles and shapes and are much more budget-friendly, making them the perfect alternative to platinum. I admired Eva for choosing the white gold option even if her stone probably hiked the price of her ring up to some unimaginable figure.

I remember Millie once telling me that there was also an element of symbolism in the white gold engagement ring band.

Virginal white is synonymous with purity, youth and reflects the sacred and the radiant.

This idea really strikes a chord with me and I can see how white gold would suit the classic, elegant lady who is looking for something offering a very sophisticated visual impact. I have to admit, it looks fantastic on Eva and looking at her ring is enough to convince me to reconsider this precious metal for my ring.


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