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The Unique Fluidity of White Gold Engagement Rings

Sep. 5 2014
What makes a white gold engagement ring stand out from the crowd? Sometimes it is the brilliant artistry of the designer’s touch on the medium.

L and I have seen certain artistic techniques applied to white gold engagement rings that seem to simply defy the laws of physics.

White gold is apparently a very versatile medium and in the right hands it can be tamed and manipulated into some incredibly mesmerising forms. Some of the engagement rings crafted by Jessica Poole seem to have a touch of magic to them and each one certainly requires a second glance or two.

There always seem to be a few particular rings that I simply cannot get out of my head. L would call it obsessing but I prefer to think of it more as ‘intense pondering’. One of Jessica’s rings has had a profound effect on me and all I keep thinking is “how did she do that?”.

Small Random Ripple Ring  with coloured gems in white gold by Jessica Poole

Small Random Ripple Ring with coloured gems in white gold by Jessica Poole

Her line of Ripple, or Ribbon white gold engagement rings are both stunning and curious.

Jessica seems to capture the fluid movement of rippling water with whichever metal medium she is using and the visual effect is hypnotic. The look is enhanced by the precision placement of coloured gemstones amongst the metal folds which seems to emulate the look of light sparkling on moving water.

L and I could quite contentedly gaze at these gorgeous white gold engagement rings for hours on end. L loves the fact that each design is, just like rippling water, completely unique and each ring can be customised according to gem colour preference as well. The form and shapes that Jessica seems to enchant metal to take are nothing short of magical.


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