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The Endless Potential of a White Gold Engagement Ring

Sep. 5 2014
White gold engagement rings have seemingly limitless artistic potential and can be personalised in more ways than one.

I think it is common for most couples looking at white gold engagement rings to ponder ways of making this all important token of their love truly unique and personal to them.

I have found that personalised engravings can add huge sentimental value to a ring. I was thrilled to see F&L designer Diana Porter’s technique of etching as it seems to eloquently point out that it’s not just what you say but how you say it that counts.

Etched 9ct white gold band set with rose cut diamond by Diana Porter

Etched 9ct white gold band set with rose cut diamond by Diana Porter

Diana specialises in acid etching which is a technique used to create a distressed finish to metal and F has repeatedly pointed out how he loves that it accentuates the organic feel of the ring. F was thrilled to find out that Diana uses this method to, rather than just engrave words, actually etch them, or images, into the ring design itself for many of her commissioned pieces. Not only is the end result extremely aesthetically pleasing but it holds a memory for the couple that will last for all eternity.

White gold engagement rings lend themselves to this technique very well. One of Diana’s particularly unique commissioned rings displays this artistic method quite exquisitely.

This stunning white gold engagement ring has a beautiful matte metallic finish which could be the perfect blank canvas for an etched message.

This ring is made even more spectacular by the fact that the five brilliant cut diamonds came from an heirloom piece owned by the client and were reconditioned by Diana for use in the creation of this stunning new ring.



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