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Thinking of Engraving An Engagement Ring?

Feb. 14 2014
Really want that personal touch on an engagement ring band? Why not consider having it engraved? The possibilities are endless.

Engraving is something that I have never considered for our engagement ring, but when I was buying Lemon Tree a new collar and took it to get engraved with the usual name, contact number and instructions should he get lost, I suddenly thought how funny it would be if I wrote something completely off the wall on his collar.

Engraved LOL by Arthur Caranta , Used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

I suddenly thought how funny it would be to have something completely off the wall engraved

Obviously I didn’t, although it was very tempting, as I knew that kind of joke would really appeal to L’s dry sense of humour. On the way home though, walking Lemon Tree through the park, I began to think about what I would say on an engagement ring band if I was to get one engraved for L.

Where do you start? Something so special and so personal needs a lot of consideration. I think there is a fine line between classic engraving and words of the more ‘cheesy’ kind, and I wondered if I could pull off an engraving. I decided to make a mental list of considerations I would have to make.

What sort of ring can be engraved?

Rings are delicate items, obviously, and not all styles are suited for engraving. Our ring would have to be big enough and wide enough for my message to be readable. Plain bands that are flat, round or domed would obviously be the best engagement ring bands for engraving, and I presume that bands that are typically less than 3 millimetres wide would be too small for clear legible details. I am not sure the granulation metal work would be suitable for engraving but I would have to check this out.

What should the message say?

This would, hands down, be the hardest part of having an engagement ring band engraved. Initials and dates are a traditional and popular choice that would add a simple originality to a ring, but I would want mine to say more. I would want it to truly reflect my love for L and what she means to me as well as symbolising the importance of our relationship.

Beth's and my wedding rings by likeablerodent, Used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Engagement ring engravings can be as original as you want them to be

I think about all the songs I love and L’s old favourites and wonder if there would be a line in one of those that could work. I remember reading once that Katy Perry’s ring from Russel Brand included lyrics from the Nick Cave’s song “Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For”.

I like the idea, but not that much. I would want to say something from my heart. Knowing that I am no Romeo I knew this would be a tall order, although I made a promise with myself that I would come up with something just in case I decided that engraving was for us.

When Should You Get it Engraved?

The idea of engraving is all well and good, but perhaps it would be wise to wait until after the proposal, just in case the ring was not quite right. Engagement rings do often need to be resized after the proposal to fit the wearer and this process involves the ring being heated, hammered and stretched which could damage any lettering.

For L and I, though, I think we will choose the ring together and she will have tried it on before the proposal, so maybe I could get an engraving done before I got down on one knee.

The Material of the Ring

We have discussed the metal of the engagement ring band quite extensively of late, but if I were to get the ring engraved this would add another consideration to the metal we chose. Gold is said to be the best metal to engrave and, as it is a soft metal, it can be inscribed intricately and with elaborate symbols and patterns.

Machine engraving techniques can write a personalised message of love to great effect commonly using silver, gold and platinum as the metals of choice. Harder metals like tungsten and titanium do not produce legible inscriptions with a machine, but laser-engraving technology allows even these metals to showcase a clear message.

And so, the possibilities are endless. I imagine myself popping the question and L reading the words I have chosen on the ring. The words will say exactly what I want to say and although those words are not on the tip of my tongue just yet, I know they are out inside me somewhere.

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