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The Poupazis – Twisting the Conceptions of Contemporary

Dec. 1 2015
Subtle and simple, this stunning band from Chris and Joy Poupazi turns the conception of contemporary on its head.

For F and me, the delight in discovering something unique and extraordinary in jewellery design is what keeps our passion for this project alive. Through Chris and Joy Poupazis’ work, we get to feel that delight every time we look at their work.

The Poupazis’ great skill is in their ability to find beauty in the unexpected – moving seamlessly from inspiration to conceptualisation and creating unique pieces that people simply love to wear.

Chris and Joy Poupazi possess the skills and imagination to bring dreams to reality.

This beautiful band is simple in its design, yet dazzling in its execution. In the Poupazis’ signature dynamic style, the bold curves create an illusion of movement and the continuous lines – with no beginning and no end – are reminiscent of the infinity symbol. The beaten finish of the ring creates a faceted appearance with texture and depth, providing a beautiful contrast to the smoothness and sheen of the inner surface.

The Poupazis - Twisting the Conceptions of Contemporary

The Poupazis – Twisting the Conceptions of Contemporary


Chris and Joy can create this stunning band in your choice of precious metals – including gold, platinum, palladium, or silver – and its striking form sets it up as a true “statement” piece.

The Poupazis look beyond the constraints of the everyday to find inspiration to create pieces that define their clients’ individuality.

The Poupazis’ commitment to using ethically sourced gems and metals and their deep-seated passion for creating pieces that symbolise their clients’ individuality shines through in their elegant, emotive work. No two pieces are ever alike and, for them, collaboration with their clients is an important part of the design process, in order to bring power, joy and aesthetic pleasure to the wearer.

Subtle and simple, yet undeniably beautiful – this band has become one of my favourite Poupazis pieces – until I see the next new one!

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