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The Manipulation of Engagement Ring Bands

Jan. 16 2015
Andrew Geoghegan has created a masterpiece with his talent at crafting highly polished engagement ring bands.

Andrew Geoghegan’s work is very appealing to me as it combines the areas of bespoke design that I find most interesting – traditional beauty and the architecture behind the design.

Reveal 50pt Brilliant in platinum by Andrew Geoghegan

Reveal 50pt Brilliant in platinum by Andrew Geoghegan

When talking about his passions in the field of jewellery, Andrew mentions his love of fluid, simple forms.

I love the way he combines this setting and engagement ring band so that they fluidly merge as one, the effect is simply staggering and the epitome of class.

I also admire Andrew’s use of platinum as it is one of my favourite metals. It’s not only beautiful but also extremely practical with its durability.

In this design the engagement ring band shines so brilliantly that it almost looks as if it is still in liquid form.

With the combination of diamond and platinum there is a traditional ambience surrounding Andrew’s work which I find very appealing. However, with his exquisite craftsmanship he definitely has a distinctive style which is elegant, exciting and eye-catching all in one. I can tell by the polished finish of this design that Andrew has an extremely intricate eye for detail and throws himself into his work to ensure every bit of it is perfect. He definitely ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a dedicated bespoke designer.

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