Platinum is the New Gold

Feb. 14 2014
According to certain sectors of the jewellery industry, platinum engagement rings are all the rage. There is a good reason though.

We hear talk about platinum engagement rings all the time. Even just the other day, the young girl who works in accounts was standing over the photocopier, chatting loud enough for us all to hear about the platinum engagement ring her boyfriend had promised her.

F and I had considered a platinum engagement ring in the past and, as an alternative metal for an engagement ring, we knew that platinum had risen in popularity.

I thought I needed to know what was actually so appealing about this metal and why it had taken centre stage in the engagement ring alternatives.

I decided to call Kay, who was much more clued up about these things and was bound to give me a comprehensive answer to my questions. She began by referring me to an article she had seen in TNN that quoted the Times of India, speculating about the worth of platinum in relation to gold.

The More Solid Choice?

The article made the definitive conclusion that a platinum engagement ring was a much better choice to gold because it was more hardwearing, sturdier, but also lighter and more wearable for every day.

Platinum marquis diamond by James Newman

Platinum marquis diamond by James Newman

This was appealing to me particularly, as although I love the idea of a sturdier, more grounded metal; I do have fine fingers that would not suit a knuckle-duster style ring! One thing I found really interesting was the idea that a platinum engagement ring holds its stone more securely than a gold one and this is something that has to be seriously considered.

Louis Cartier, who we all know for his jewellery design of the same name and his reputation for fashioning jewellery for the rich and famous, is a huge advocator of platinum. Engagement rings may not be his speciality, but his new ‘Hollywood’ brand has become a real ambassador for platinum accessories, which advocates the desirability of this metal.

So, the case for platinum engagement rings is strong and its solidness and the idea that it is resilient really hit home with me. I know we have talked about it, but F is still very much a gold man so I might need to open his eyes a bit more to the possibilities of the ‘king’ of metals that is platinum.

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