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Melanie Eddy’s Unusual Engagement Ring Bands

Jan. 16 2015
Melanie Eddy challenges the conventional engagement ring band shapes with skill and creativity. The results are awe-inspiring.

Melanie Eddy’s ideas about structure accentuate her design’s centre stones to their ultimate potential, creating a perfectly balanced relationship of shape and sparkle. This is evident within this striking geometric design. Melanie has taken gold and used it to celebrate the art of creating unusual engagement ring band forms by refusing to adhere to conventional round shapes.

18k gold pinky rings, one with triangular diamond by Melanie Eddy

18k gold pinky rings, one with triangular diamond by Melanie Eddy

Her design features angular shapes which shine with sophistication. She has also chosen a triangular diamond, creating the perfect partnership between metal and stone which blend together perfectly within the overall shape of the design.

With the eye-catching edges of her metal, Melanie has created something for sophisticated women looking to make a statement.

Melanie Eddy is the perfect example of a designer with skill beyond her years. When L and I met with her she told us about how she thrives in finding the beauty in metals. She is continually challenging the conventional engagement ring bands to create something which will complement her carefully chosen stone perfectly. We can see this in both this design and others that she has done; Melanie definitely has a distinctive style that is hard to miss.

Melanie is clearly highly skilled and able to fulfil her client’s requests with creativity and enthusiasm. Her modern sophistication is very enticing and L and I will certainly be returning to her studio to see some more of her designs!

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