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Experimental Palladium Engagement Rings

Jan. 16 2015
Robert Feather embraces unconventional forms with this beautiful palladium engagement ring. Have a look and get inspired!

I was very intrigued to meet Robert Feather when I heard about his affinity for palladium engagement rings. F and I are very interested in the use of different precious metals and I hadn’t come across palladium before so it was certainly an eye-opening experience.

Palladium has a very similar finish to platinum but is remarkably less expensive. I’ve heard stories about it being somewhat difficult to get hold of but Robert didn’t seem to have too much trouble.

Palladium Ring by Robert Feather

Palladium Ring by Robert Feather

I really love the silvery sheen effect on Robert’s design; it complements the diamond centre stone and detailing perfectly.

Robert explained his interesting process of creation to us; F loves to hear about new technology so he was all ears.

Robert used top-of-the-range design software to create an image of this palladium engagement ring before he began to handcraft it for his client. This way his client was able to see exactly what the end result would be and could work alongside Robert to create a ring that would match his vision perfectly. F found the software fascinating whereas I loved hearing about Robert’s craftsmanship.

Robert certainly knew how to appeal to both of us with both modern and traditional techniques!

Robert’s design is very intricate and in some ways quite experimental with the positioning of the setting and the double band. I can see how using his software would have come in handy before creating such an unconventional design. The idea of having something created exactly to my specifications is very appealing indeed!

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