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Contemporary Ring Bands by Andrew Leggett

Jan. 16 2015
F&L member Andrew Leggett strives for a design with a modern look with this innovative engagement ring band.

Paving the way for modern British jewellery, Andrew Leggett encapsulates his contemporary inspiration with this gorgeous two-tone design.

Two-tone engagement ring by Andrew Leggett

Two-tone engagement ring by Andrew Leggett

F was very intrigued by the shape manipulation Andrew had used on the engagement ring band, a ‘flick’ design which has become his signature mark in much of his work. The flick creation is very much in keeping with Andrew’s beliefs that modern jewellery should be made with the intention of ease of wear, designed not to snag on clothes and to fit comfortably on the wearer’s finger.

Usually I’m not one to pay much attention to the practicalities of jewellery as I think it can take away from the creative process; however Andrew has proved me wrong with some of the most creative engagement ring bands I’ve ever seen!

He is a master of the rub over setting that gives this design a really polished finish, along with the impressive use of two-tone which is extremely eye catching.

I’ve always had a soft spot for rose gold so seeing it incorporated in Andrew’s design is very exciting. Along with his experimentation with metal textures and use of unusual gemstones, Andrew’s work opened my eyes to the wonders of modern design and even had me daydreaming about how I could upgrade some of my older pieces to fit in with his style.

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