A selection of alternative ring bands

Reveal 50pt Brilliant in platinum by Andrew Geoghegan
16 Jan. 2015

The Manipulation of Engagement Ring Bands

If you're looking for a jewellery designer with an extremely intricate eye for detail, Andrew Geoghegan might be the one for you. In this particular design he chose the extremely practical and durable metal platinum to create the engagement ring band and setting, which so fluidly merge as one. I love the way the platinum shines so brilliantly it almost appears to be fluid... Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Contemporary Ring Bands by Andrew Leggett

F&L member Andrew Leggett is well known for his extremely modern, clean and polished designs. He often experiments with unique and asymmetrical ring bands, and in this design he even managed to integrate two different metals! I love the colour contrast between the warm rose gold and the cool shiny platinum. Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Experimental Palladium Engagement Rings

For those who like to wear cool colours, the white metal palladium might be a good option. Both F and I are very interested in the use of alternative precious metals and I hadn't come across an example of palladium before, so I was very interested to learn about this unusual choice of metal from designer Robert Feather. Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Melanie Eddy’s Unusual Engagement Ring Bands

While most couples focus on the choice of gemstone for their special ring, many seem the overlook the potential that the band of their ring has. Choosing the most suitable precious metal is quite a task, but deciding on the shape of the band is an exciting challenge in its own as well. If you're looking for an engagement ring band that stands out from the crown for its unusual geometric shapes, Melanie Eddy is your go-to jewellery designer. Read More...

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Joy and Chris PoupazisLondon
Daniel GallieLondon
Jo BellLondon
David McLoughlinLondon
Fei LiuBirmingham
Beth GilmourLondon
Jessica PooleLondon
Keith GordonHertfordshire
Robert FeatherYorkshire
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Farah QureshiLondon
Mirri DamerCornwall
Simon WrightLondon
Andrew GeogheganYorkshire
Julia Lloyd GeorgeLondon
James NewmanBirmingham
Sophie BreitmeyerLondon
Mia ChiccoLondon
Mairi BurrowBelfast
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Esther EyreLondon
Christopher AndersonStamford
David and Barry McCaulLondon
Andrew LeggettSussex
Tina EngellBath
Ornella IannuzziLondon
Melanie EddyLondon
Alexis DoveSussex
Ruth TomlinsonLondon

F&L's Guide

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your choice of metal for your band is just an afterthought. I discovered that L’s wish-list for her ring band was as extensive as the one she had had for the stone! Engagement ring bands cannot be considered lightly, and as with the vast array of gemstone choices out there, the options are endless.