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Tina Engell’s Boldly Elegant Gold Engagement Rings

Mar. 11 2015
Tina Engell steps away from her simplistic roots with this beautifully bold gold engagement ring inspired by the mysterious squid.

Having trained in various countries, Tina Engell’s skill as a bespoke designer knows no bounds, as shown by this gold engagement ring. Tina’s Danish background means she usually opts for simplistic designs with clean and sleek lines, however this piece is a true example of her diversity as a designer.

I can really see her inspiration taken from incredible squids in this intriguing design.
squid ring, 18ct gold, with brown diamonds by Tina Engell

squid ring, 18ct gold, with brown diamonds by Tina Engell

Tina has a strong conviction that the ring band should never outshine the beautiful gemstones. Even though this ring band is incredibly intricate and eye-catching, the amazing brown diamonds she has chosen are really the crowning glory of this piece.

L and I love the use of the brown diamonds Tina has chosen to interweave the organic motifs incorporated in this gold engagement ring.

The mini cup settings that Tina has used to embrace the diamonds are very true to her design style. They add a feeling of strength to the overall ring that I find very meaningful within engagement rings. I would love to give L something which had connotations of strength within it to symbolise the durability of our relationship.

Tina’s design is certainly very refreshing in terms of inspiration. I know many designers who take nature as their motif but none which have singled in on the natural phenomenon of the squid. This, paired with the unusually complex design compared to Tina’s other work, makes this ring truly one of a kind.



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