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Tina Engell Ties the Knot in Gold

Sep. 23 2015
This intricate piece demonstrates Tina Engell’s expertise and originality in gold jewellery design.

L and I love Tina Engell’s work for its wonderfully modern take on classic jewellery design. With this striking gold knot engagement ring, Tina Engell beautifully evokes the commitment that a ring represents.

In the absence of a gemstone, the gold itself takes centre stage in loops and twirls.

Knots have long represented love, marriage and lasting unity. In some wedding ceremonies, it is still customary to physically tie the hands of the couple together to represent their unison. The knot is a poignant and eye-pleasing symbol for marriage – and it is certainly a more favourable one than “the old ball and chain”!

knot ring, 22ct gold,

A love knot that won’t tie you down.

Tina Engell’s knot engagement ring is made of 22-carat gold, the purest form of gold found in jewellery (24-carat gold is too soft for jewellery and is only used in bullion bars). The “knot” mounted atop the thick gold band is actually four interlocking gold rings set at different angles. The effect of the cluster of rings creates a looping, whirling effect that recalls the intricate coils of a complex, unbreakable knot.

L and I love this ring because it takes simple shapes – circles – and layers them to create something beautifully elaborate.

In fact, the layering of simple shapes and lines characterises much of Tina’s work. Trained in both Copenhagen and London, her work has strong, clean Scandinavian lines. Tina usually likes to keep her designs simple to showcase the gemstone, but in the case of this gold knot ring, she has removed even the consideration of the stone! With this intensely modern, eye-catching piece, Tina Engell makes a beautifully striking statement about the simple truths of love.



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