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Choosing The Right Metal for Ring Bands

Feb. 20 2014
In recent years certain materials are being used more and more as alternatives for gold engagement ring bands. Find out more here.

Bridget was having man trouble and L invited her to join us for our Sunday walk and pub lunch with Lemon Tree last weekend. L is so good to her friends, and although I knew that Bridget would no doubt revel in at least one argument with me during the day, I vowed to let it go over my head.

L and I promised each other that we would not let Bridget dictate the conversation and wallow in her boyfriend tribulations, but instead we would pick her brains about alternatives to gold engagement ring bands. We had been seriously thinking about a gold engagement ring, but both of us wanted to revisit the idea of alternatives before we made our choice and we knew that Bridget loved offering her opinion, so we indulged her.

With anyone else having boyfriend problems we would have sensitively avoided talk of engagements, but we know Bridget’s man problems are never problems for long, and she loved being able to talk about anything as long as it was on her terms.

The Kings of Engagement Ring Bands

Although historically gold was the most popular choice of metal for an engagement ring, recent years have seen a while host of fantastic alternatives pop up, offering the engagement ring shopper an even wider choice of materials from which to design their ring.

Silver vs gold by Robert Feather

Silver vs gold by Robert Feather

Bridget tells us, in no uncertain terms that silver and the various gold alloys that include white, pink, yellow, and many more continue to top the list of the most popular choice for engagement ring bands and goes on to inform us that the combination of certain classic touches, durability, affordability and an elegant appearance has contributed to keep these two precious metals at the top of every couple’s list even today.

We look at each other as we are well aware of the stature of gold and silver in the jewellery market but we feign amazement at her interesting facts as she goes on.

A number of other alternatives have rapidly been gaining in popularity, either because they present something different from the norm or because they possess a specific quality, which makes them desirable for engaged couples and newlyweds.

A good example of this is platinum, which combines the sleek modern look of silver with a hardness and durability surpassing even white gold engagement rings. Palladium and titanium, which are less showy, but also less expensive and far more durable, have also been gaining prominence as alternatives to gold engagement rings, mostly due to their flexibility, hypoallergenic qualities, and highly attractive price.

Alternative All the Way

For a really offbeat, unique effect, couples can also opt for engagement rings made out of recycled metals or unusual materials such as wood, ceramic, porcelain, stone or acrylic, which are equally hypoallergenic, as well as durable, affordable and unique-looking.

Bridget was suddenly empowered by her little speech and I actually felt a surge of affinity towards her. I felt sorry for her sometimes as she never seemed to be lucky in love but actually deep down I think she relishes the drama and the attention and I am sure that the latest love interest will be back on the scene before aperitif time tonight.


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