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Know Your Gold

Feb. 20 2014
Gold engagement rings have always been, and still are, the most prized ring a lady owns. The metal choice is as important as the stone.

The other morning when we set out to take Lemon Tree for his walk, F looked very pensive and quite concerned. When I asked him what was wrong he just told me that the idea of a gold engagement ring was niggling at him.

We have focussed on the idea of this metal quite a bit lately and he was obviously in the middle of some all-important bit of research that was playing on his mind. I told him to leave it behind and enjoy the walk but knew that there was something he wanted to discuss, and so we did.

Going Classic

Symbolising purity, royalty and, of course wealth, gold is still the most sought after material to be used in the creation of jewellery and particularly in beautiful engagement rings.

Gold ring by Tina Engell

Gold ring by Tina Engell

 Gold engagement rings are still the classic choice and we both agree on that.

Our research had already told us that on a basic, technical level, gold is a dense but soft and malleable metal with a lustrous yellow colour. It is one of the least reactive chemical elements and can be maintained without tarnishing in standard conditions, making it a great choice.

Yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold with silver, zinc and copper. The traditional yellow gold has been used for centuries and compliments both coloured stones and diamonds alike. However, some brides dislike the way the distinctive yellow colour can detract from the whiteness and brilliance of a diamond. In these situations the best choice would be white gold.

White And Rose Gold Are Popular Choices

White gold is pure gold alloyed with nickel, silver and palladium. This is a popular, and more affordable choice for couples than platinum, which is extremely expensive but it has the same attractive brightness. White gold is plated with rhodium to achieve its lustrous white appearance, but it is worth keeping in mind that this coating may have to be re-applied over time.

Another alternative is rose gold and I particularly love the pink tinge that this metal offers.

Rose gold engagement rings are made from an alloy of pure gold and copper creating a metal with a distinct rose tint that is excellently suited for vintage style rings.

It Is Not Only About The Gold

Choice of gold will significantly affect the overall look of the engagement ring but of course each option is simply a matter of preference. When shopping for gold engagement rings though it is best to explore settings, bands and stones at the same time in order to get an idea of the overall ring. You will need to see the puzzle fully put together rather than in pieces before making a final decision.

Jewelry Shopping by YHZ Bluenose Girl, Used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Do your homework before going shopping for gold engagement rings

F knows our options but he gets so involved in an idea sometimes that he lets it get on top of him. While normally he bounces with the idea of a new slant to our project, that morning he looked worried.

We chatted about our gold engagement ring options and I could see that my input made him visibly relax. I knew he would go home with renewed enthusiasm and get on with his research as soon as he could, after work. I did wonder though when he was going to touch on palladium, titanium, tungsten carbide and cobalt that were just waiting for the same attention.


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