23 Sep. 2015

Tina Engell Ties the Knot in Gold

In this stunning 22ct gold ring, Tina Engell visually interprets the commitment of an engagement. L and I have always admired Tina's simple and clean approach inspired by her Scandinavian background. In this piece, interlocking circles create a gold knot of striking symbolism. Read More...

16 Sep. 2015

Melanie Eddy’s Unusual Engagement Ring Bands

While most couples focus on the choice of gemstone for their special ring, many seem the overlook the potential that the band of their ring has. Choosing the most suitable precious metal is quite a task, but deciding on the shape of the band is an exciting challenge in its own as well. If you're looking for an engagement ring band that stands out from the crown for its unusual geometric shapes, Melanie Eddy is your go-to jewellery designer. Read More...

16 Mar. 2015

The Elegance and Simplicity of Gold Engagement Rings

Deborah Cadby captures the beauty of simplicity in this gorgeous cushion-cut diamond ring with its minimalist tone and exquisite finish. L and I are getting more and more excited about the idea of a gold engagement ring, and this particular creation shows the potential of the precious metal off to its max. Deborah makes clear with her designs that it’s not all about the stone... Read More...

squid ring, 18ct gold, with brown diamonds by Tina Engell
11 Mar. 2015

Tina Engell’s Boldly Elegant Gold Engagement Rings

The work of Tina Engell usually distinguishes itself for its simplistic style with clean and sleek lines, which is why this rather complex creation is quite an eye-catching piece in her portfolio. Inspired by the tentacles of a squid, this gorgeous design boasts beautiful and unique brown diamonds integrated in a gold ring band with mini cup settings. The result is a gorgeous piece of jewellery that exudes strength and solidity. Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Serena Fox’s Elegant Gold Engagement Ring

Serena Fox’s passion for yellow gold glows through in this classic and elegant design. It takes an amazing bespoke designer to be able to create all different kinds of engagement rings and both L and I are genuinely blown away by the variety of Serena's work. Why not consider her as the designer of your one-of-a-kind gold engagement ring? Read More...

16 Jan. 2015

Art Deco Aesthetics in Gold Engagement Rings

Mairi Burrow’s talent for granulation becomes apparent within this beautiful design that clearly has a vintage look-and-feel. If you’re opting for a gold engagement ring that has a delicate, feminine style to it, I would definitely recommend looking deeper into the custom-made work by independent jewellery designer Mairi Burrow. Read More...

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F&L's Guide

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your choice of metal for your band is just an afterthought. I discovered that L’s wish-list for her ring band was as extensive as the one she had had for the stone! Engagement ring bands cannot be considered lightly, and as with the vast array of gemstone choices out there, the options are endless.