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Intriguing Settings in Art Deco Engagement Rings

Mar. 10 2015
Mairi Burrow experiments with geometric shapes resulting in this beautiful Art Deco engagement ring; our eyes are instantly drawn to her vintage setting.

Mairi Burrow immediately drew L in with her love of vintage-inspired bespoke design. Personally I’m very intrigued by the experimentation of form and shape so I definitely enjoyed examining Mairi’s geometric choices in this Art Deco engagement ring.

Ring with Art Deco Detail by Mairi Burrow

Ring with Art Deco Detail by Mairi Burrow

Mairi’s experimentation with the contrasts of delicacy and strength shines through this design beautifully.

The combination of the vintage-looking gold with the geometric setting is extremely pleasing to the eye. L and I are always interested by modern interpretations of vintage design, L believes it to be a very romantic jewellery style. This Art Deco setting is gorgeously bold without overpowering the entire design. The clean lines have an elegance to them which I always find extremely appealing.

I know that Mairi is very inspired by personal stories which she can reflect within her bespoke work, so I’d be very intrigued to find out if there is a story behind this design. Perhaps the lucky lady who received this Art Deco engagement ring loves vintage as much as L does… If that’s the case then she must have been very happy when her fiancé presented her with this ring!

The clean finish of the geometric lines gives the ring a very alluring textural quality.

I’d love to run my fingers over the setting and see how it feels. Mairi has managed to combine all of my favourite traits into one design; texture, form and strength. Even more exciting is that the rest of her work has similar traits, making her one of my favourite designers.



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