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Bold Art Deco Engagement Rings

Sep. 20 2015
In this eye-catching diamond and platinum piece, Simon Wright evokes the geometric symmetry and opulence of Art Deco.

F and I have always admired Simon Wright’s talent for reproducing vintage-style jewellery. His pieces take me back to another time with their luxury and exquisite detail. This “halo ring”, as Simon calls it, is a nod towards Art Deco with its neat but dazzling symmetry and striking geometrical structure.

But first, a little background on Art Deco. This visual arts and design style began in France and flourished all over the world between the 1920s and 1940s.

Art Deco is known for its rich colours, geometric shapes and ornate decoration. Famous examples of Art Deco include the Chrysler building in New York City and the Théâtre des Champs Elysées in Paris.

In the jewellery world, Art Deco expresses itself in a number of ways: with brightly-coloured stones, intricate designs, bold settings and angular symmetry.

Simon’s diamond halo ring is set in platinum, which was favoured over gold during the Art Deco period.
Vintage halo

The halo ring: for the angel in your life.

The central, round diamond glitters atop a thin disc (or halo) of steely grey platinum, which is in turn ringed with a circle of smaller diamonds. At four points, the circle is interrupted by princess-cut diamonds in square rub-over settings. The overall effect is of a diamond circle inscribed within a square – an orderly and eye-pleasing arrangement that recalls Art Deco’s commitment to symmetry. To take the splendour up a notch, Simon has also set the band with diamonds halfway around the ring.

This extravagant creation has all the lavish decoration associated with Art Deco while also maintaining the style’s tidy symmetry.

Simon takes special pleasure in reproducing antique pieces and styles, and his experience working with vintage jewellery gives his work a classic kind of glamour. F and I love how Simon weaves history and sentiment into his work by creating new pieces from family heirlooms and vintage inspiration.



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