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Custom-Made, Authentic Looking Art Deco Rings

Mar. 24 2014
The signature characteristics of Art Deco Engagement Rings make them stand out from the crowd. A custom designed ring will make it unique as well.

I doubt that any other style has as many signature characteristics as Art Deco engagement rings do. L and I were rather proud of ourselves when we realised that in a line-up of vintage rings, we could usually pick out the Art Deco era ones quite easily.

However, we also found it very challenging to find a genuine antique Art Deco ring that had all the elements and preferences we desired in one package. So, to create a completely unique and customised Art Deco engagement ring, we discovered that bespoke is the way to go.

Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring by Beth Gilmour

Cognac Diamond Engagement Ring by Beth Gilmour

Going for Colour

Step one in building our customised Art Deco ring was obviously colour. The bold and vivid coloured stones used during this design era are its reigning signature characteristic. Rings frequently featured brilliant coloured emeralds, rubies, amethysts, sapphires and onyx.

The choices are endless, with the only requirement being: the bolder the better!

Choosing Roaring 20s Cuts

Once our colour selection is made, the real, literal puzzle begins. The other characteristic synonymous with Art Deco engagement rings is the geometric pattern and placement of the featured stones.

1-edited by Amanda Mansell

Green Engagement Ring by Amanda Mansell

Our Favourite Designers recommend choosing cuts that were popular during the 1920s, as they fit together beautifully in the mosaic placement of the stone design. Princess cut, baguette and emerald cut were all popular, as they have straight long edges, making them an obvious choice to highlight and enhance the geometric and symmetrical featured design.

Deciding on the Metal

Step three in building our masterpiece will be choosing a precious metal to use.

Although yellow gold and white gold were used during the Art Deco era, the ultimate sign of luxury, and preferred metal choice, was platinum.

L and I agree that platinum truly is an excellent choice due to its durability, but also its exquisite luminescent effect that contrasts beautifully with the brightly coloured stones featured on the ring.

Adorning the Ring Band

And once we have chosen our metal, our designers reminded us not to ignore its decorative potential. Another outstanding feature of Art Deco engagement rings, that has become one of their most sought-after features, is the beautiful, intricate and elaborate carvings and metalwork used on the band and setting. This sort of detailed craftsmanship is what raises their calibre in the world of engagement rings and is the turning point from ‘standard’ to ‘outstanding’.

L and I have always found the beauty of bespoke engagement rings to be in the freedom of customising the ring to our particular preferences. Not only do we have the opportunity to create the glamorous, opulent look of an authentic Art Deco engagement ring, but it will also feature the colours, design, metal and details of our choice. It certainly takes the guess work out of shopping around and we are guaranteed an exquisite treasure that is 100% unique just for us!


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