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Art Deco Styled Weddings Inspired by the Ring

Apr. 14 2014
If you have chosen an Art Deco engagement ring, why not use it as an inspiration for an opulent and luxurious wedding style?

F and I attended our friend’s wedding the other day and what an affair it was! The bride had chosen an exquisite and dazzling Art Deco engagement ring and had continued with the idea as the theme for the most amazing vintage style wedding.

Art Deco engagement ring by Amanda Mansell

Art Deco engagement ring by Amanda Mansell

F and I felt like we had stepped back in time to the roaring 20s complete with spectacular glamour and opulence that even Baz Luhrmann would be proud of. Every detail, from the invitations and the decorations to the wedding gown, was a tribute to the glorious by-gone days of 1920s glam and elegance.

A Growing Trend

Vintage-style weddings have become the hottest trend since Leo graced the big screen and Baz Luhrmann brought us into the luscious and decadent world of the roaring 20s and Art Deco’s hey-day. The 1920s’ influence is seen in the rise in popularity of the Art Deco engagement ring, vintage style gowns and has even reached the world of wedding cake designs. And in the true style of the time, brides are fully embracing its lavish glamour and throwing elaborate wedding events like none other.

It’s All About the Gown

If you’ve already got the Art Deco ring, then the obvious next step is to honour it with a fabulous vintage style wedding gown. Designers have taken this idea and flourished with it creating stunning dresses with flowing lines, fine detailing, beading and all created in luxurious cream or ivory satin. Headdresses in the place of veils are also a popular trend among brides choosing to give a nod to this iconic fashion era, with intricate and delicate lace being used to create a stunning vision of beauty.

Art Deco engagement ring by Amanda Mansell by Faylyne, used under a Creative Commons licence (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/deed.en)

Art Deco headdresses in the place of veils are a popular trend amongst brides as well.

In Every Detail

F and I were suitably impressed by the party after the ceremony, as we were ushered into a banquet hall that was a breath-taking vision of elegant gold and black and white. F commented that the event looked like either a perfectionists dream or nightmare, as attention had been paid to every detail with the effect that no expense had been spared. I think we should have suspected this when we received the exquisite letterpress, gold-foil embossed invitation in the post.

The signature geometric design style of the bride’s Art Deco engagement ring had obviously influenced everything, from the placeholders to the beaded tablecloths and even the glimmering champagne fountain that invitingly greeted all the guests as they entered the great hall.

The wedding cake became the prize of the evening and did not fail to disappoint. F and I were not alone in wondering if it might be a crime to cut into this magnificent three-tier tower of a cake. The artistry, the detail, the design was all exquisitely perfect and even featured sugar beading and gold flourishes on the fondant itself. I think we all felt a bit guilty biting into this masterpiece, but it was soon forgotten as the moist chocolate cake and creamy buttercream icing melted in our mouths.

As F and I returned to our now fairly dull looking flat that night after such a sumptuous event, we were both quite exhausted by the sheer over-stimulation of the luxurious event. However, we both slept quite soundly dreaming of the glitz and glamour this opulent affair had exuded and we both appreciated that is was all inspired by that stunning Art Deco engagement ring.

Triumph Princess Three-stone platinum Engagement ring by Andrew Geoghegan

Triumph Princess Three-stone platinum Engagement ring by Andrew Geoghegan


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