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Contemporary Features in Art Deco Engagement Rings

Apr. 14 2014
The classic look of an Art Deco engagement ring can be enhanced with a few modern touches.

L and I share a love for all things old, it seems. We have spent many pleasurable weekends trawling through antique shops just browsing and yet we seem to have differing opinions when it comes to antique jewellery.

L loves the idea of an Art Deco engagement ring but seems content with one that just looks Art Deco. I, on the other hand, want the real McCoy. However, finding a genuine ring from the 1920s era that is still in really good shape can be difficult. So, I suggested that we take the signature design features of the Art Deco period and incorporate some modern touches to create a whole new unique style of our own!

Contemporary Touches

In this great age of ‘getting what we want’, my idea is apparently quite feasible and is not a new one. Designers have already been evolving the Art Deco engagement ring into a modern looking, unique style for years and the imagination and creativity that has been used is outstanding. From practical to aesthetic details, the modern Art Deco, much like the modern vintage ring, ring is a design unto itself.

Amethyst Rose Gold Ring by Melanie Eddy

Amethyst Rose Gold Ring by Melanie Eddy

The signature characteristics of Art Deco jewellery have been taken to the next level with these unique ‘contemporary vintage’ rings.

Most couples will recognise an Art Deco ring by its dazzling use of coloured gemstones arranged in sleek geometric designs. Designers today are utilising the expanded choice of both precious and semi-precious gemstones to re-create this stunning exploration of every colour under the sun.

Blues are enhanced by sparkling aquamarine and turquoise in addition to the traditional royal blue colour of the sapphire. Reds are even more sumptuous with the use of deep, almost burgundy, garnets or red spinels. Greens can still be represented by the emerald or might in fact be agate or diopside. The mystery is never ending! Newer, more intricate cuts can also be applied to these gems with the use of modern technology, creating an even more dazzling and spectacular brilliance.

It’s Not Just About the Stone

However, the ‘signs of the time’ have not just touched the precious stones mounted on the exquisite ring. The metals, band style and metalwork design features have also been improved upon. Firstly, an Art Deco engagement ring created today will probably have what is known as a ‘comfort band’. The slightly doomed sides of the band itself are smooth and much more (sorry to state the obvious here) ‘comfortable’ for the wearer.

Designers are also exploring the different metals and finishes available these days to really bring these rings into the present, and in some cases, into a positively futuristic look. For example, the use of a chic black oxidised silver band to really highlight the vibrancy of the coloured gemstones has proven that this signature vintage style can look every bit as modern and contemporary as its current day styled counterparts.

Modern Art Deco ring by Amanda Mansell

Modern Art Deco ring by Amanda Mansell

L and I love the creations that have resulted from a marriage of modern design and historical influence. An Art Deco engagement ring is quite the en vogue look of the day currently, and it isn’t just because of its antique and historical attributes. Designers today pay tribute the to pioneering design and style features that were born during the revolutionary era of the 1920s, and then add our generation’s artistic flair to it, culminating in the creation of something that looks new and fresh as well as classic and ageless.


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