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Justify an Affordable Engagement Ring

Mar. 24 2014
With the right persuasion any bride-to-be will be happy to accept an affordable engagement ring. Here are your top 4 reasons.

I love L with all my heart and she knows that. However, many men feel the pressure to prove their love and devotion to their brides-to-be with an outrageously expensive engagement ring. The price of the ring surely doesn’t have to equate to how much you love your fiancée, right?

If your lady disagrees, then you might want to start researching pre-nups as well. So, if this little issue does begin to evolve into a potentially epic row, here are the top 4 arguments you can use to, diplomatically, appease your love and endear her to the virtues of seeking out an affordable engagement ring.

1. Milk the Guilt Trip

As mentioned above, your love for her has no limits and cannot have a price put upon it. There is no stone or gem in the world that could embody the eternal love you have for her. It would be insulting to try to symbolise your love for her with such a frivolous bauble. Right?

2. You want to give her the world, not a lifetime of debt

Appeal to her economical sensibilities. In 2011, 12% of couples paid over £5000 for an engagement ring. So unless you are one of the elite few who carry that much pocket change around with you, you will probably need to contemplate using a credit card or a payment plan for the purchase. The potential for credit or debt problems increases exponentially and the number one stressor in any relationship is money. Is it really worth putting that much strain on a new marriage from the get-go? I think not!

3. The Engagement Ring is just the Tip of the Iceberg

Most brides like to look relatively pretty on their wedding day. Does she want a dress? Most couples like to invite their friends and family to a wedding. Does she want a ceremony? Does she want a reception? Does she want flowers? Also, it is usually quite nice to get away for a holiday after the big day, so does she want a honeymoon?

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Spending all your savings on the engagement ring will leave you with no money left for the wedding.

Ultimately, unless your bride is fine with a Spartan wedding while wearing jeans, without any friends or family, without any party, and perhaps going straight back to work after getting married on her lunch break, it might be a good idea to pace your expenditures so you can have all the trimmings. Or I guess you could blow it all on one ginormous blinding rock. Just a thought, eh?

4. Ignorance is Bliss

There are ways of purchasing an affordable engagement ring and making it look like it cost millions. Now, I’m not promoting deceit in any new marriage, however, unless you are marrying a gemmologist, there are certain ways of providing the biggest sparkler without actually purchasing one.

A consultation with an independent jeweller, like one of our Favourite Designers, will give you all you need to know about crafting a spectacular but affordable engagement ring by using many tricks of the trade. Choose your stone and cut carefully and then enhance its natural beauty with a unique setting design. Top it all off with a personalised engraving on the band and suddenly you have the ultimate, priceless masterpiece to present to your beloved that will bring tears of joy to her eyes.

Money is a notoriously stressful issue, even in the strongest relationships. Getting engaged and the subsequent wedding are acts of celebration of your love for each other and mark a new beginning for you both. Learning to compromise over certain topics, beginning with agreeing to purchase an affordable engagement ring, will be a skill that holds you both in good stead through the years and during times of ‘richer or poorer’.

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