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Sharing the Cost of an Affordable Engagement Ring

Feb. 17 2014
If one salary cannot carry the burden of the purchase consider sharing the cost of one of the many affordable engagement rings out there.

My friend Bridget finds it unfathomable that I am trying to curb F’s enthusiasm for spending an extortionate amount of money on an engagement ring, and that I want to share the cost.

I have found many affordable engagement rings that offer the potential for beautiful customisation through bespoke designers, and I cannot not see that a higher price tag would make the ring any more special to me. An increasing number of couples are choosing to split the cost of the ring, but the change isn’t comfortable for everyone and Bridget isn’t alone in her strongly held beliefs.

Tradition and Modernity

A recent survey from a bridal resource website has shown that 46 percent of women are helping to pay for some of the cost of their own engagement ring, and 54 percent are proclaiming “no way”.

Woman's Emancipation satire, 1851 by Missouri History Museum, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

In these emancipated times, many women may not mind splitting the cost of an engagement ring at all.

Bridget, despite her progressive stance on equality, truly believes in the long held tradition of the groom purchasing and presenting the engagement ring. However, the modernising of marriage is a mark of changing times in the economy and the social dynamic of marriage, with the differences in opinion being a matter of tradition versus progress.

Many couples are deeming it necessary to seek out affordable engagement rings and share their cost to avoid embarking on married life with the dark cloud of debt already over their heads. On the other side of the argument are couples who are unflinching in the face of changing attitudes, seeing the traditional responsibility of the groom as a romantic deal breaker.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that marriage has moved with the winds of change, once upon a time it was assumed that the bride’s family would bankroll the entire wedding ceremony.

The sharing of financial responsibility is nothing new either as it is becoming the norm for couples to have shared bank accounts. This can clearly lead to other joint fiscal ventures.

The increasing options provided by bespoke engagement ring designers has made the creation of affordable engagement rings an available reality.

These exquisite custom made rings are not just affordable but are 100% unique and stunningly beautiful.

Ericka Anderson, an author, has proposed an alternative solution, saying that she and her fiancé made a conscious decision to buy a ring that cost less, with him still paying, but both of them involved in the selection.

Some, like Bridget, have called this new spending trend a sign of the ‘death of chivalry’, but every couple has different needs as well as different ideals. For F and me, we have found the process of designing my perfect, and affordable, engagement ring with a bespoke designer exciting and this has actually led us to learn even more about each other. So, for a progressive engagement, a change from tradition can be the smart financial decision as well as advantageous in many other ways!

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