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17 Feb. 2014

Affordable Engagement Rings? Here’s the Reality

For decades, the “golden rule” regarding engagement ring cost was that men should spend 1-3 months’ salary on an average ring that anyone could buy off the High Street. However, with the changes in the economy and increasing focus on authenticity and individuality, this no longer really applies. More and more couples are getting creative, thinking ‘outside of the box’ to achieve that perfect look for their ring - which doesn't cover them in endless debts. Read More...

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F&L's Guide

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is always a little overshadowed by the impending doom of learning its price. However, this grey cloud does not have to be the ominous presence that it is played up to be. So, just how much should an engagement ring cost? Are affordable engagement rings a myth like a magical unicorn? Fortunately you can make affordability a reality with the aid of a little knowledge.