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Custom Designers Create Affordable Engagement Rings

Feb. 17 2014
Professional bespoke designers can create beautiful and affordable engagement ring. It will be 100% unique adding unquestionable value.

L and I frequently share the same question that, unless you already work in the field of jewellery or you happen to be a gemmologist, how do you go about obtaining a ring that adequately represents your feelings without breaking the bank?

Thankfully Kay has been invaluable in this regards! Seeing that she is a gemmologist she gives use the technical rundown of the gems we are looking at and then, repeatedly points us in the direction of bespoke engagement ring designers. An affordable engagement ring, designed with the creative assistance of a bespoke designer, will also be stunningly gorgeous and 100% unique.

Bespoke designers are first and foremost artists who happen to also be business people. This definitely works to your advantage as you won’t experience the ‘hard sell’ being put on you the minute you walk in the door. Their priorities lay in the creation of the perfect ring to suit the wearer. Their inside knowledge and technical skills that enable them to produce affordable engagement rings that also meet the first criteria.

A World of Possibilities

Having a consultation with a designer will offer up a world of affordable engagement rings. This will be your opportunity to truly be part of the creative process. Your designer will listen to you and help you figure out what exactly you want in terms of design and look.

Designers will also take the time to explain some of the complicated terminology related to cut, clarity, colour and carat of diamonds and can introduce you to the idea of using alternative stones such as sapphires or amethysts. As you discuss your ideas with your designer they will figure out how to meet all these wishes and create an affordable engagement ring.

Access to Resources

Bespoke designers also have access to resources that others may not, including knowledge and connections with diamond wholesalers who may be able to give them a better price for your chosen stone without compromising quality. In the creation of a bespoke engagement ring what you do with the materials you have, as opposed to their quality grade, is what really matters and consequently an affordable engagement ring that is also a work of art is born!

Using a bespoke designer is as unique an experience as the treasure they will create. Designers can customise any ring to suit your wishes as well as your loved-one’s interests, personality, likes and dislikes.

Some designers specialize in ‘up-cycling’ old jewellery.

This is a technique that can re-vamp family heirlooms into exquisite modern pieces so that they still carry the sentimental value of remembrance of family members.

Affordable engagement rings created this way immediately become priceless.

Seeking out a bespoke designer to create a unique and affordable engagement ring will, without a doubt, be a very satisfying experience. The sentimental value added to the ring by the time and creativity put into it will make it any bride’s most priceless and prized possession.

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