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An Affordable Engagement Ring can be a Reality

Feb. 17 2014
Have mark-ups made affordable engagement rings a thing of the past? Perhaps not! Where there is a will, there is a way!

Bridget was proudly relaying to me the strategy her fiancée had used to negotiate down the price of her engagement ring.

It wasn’t that they needed an affordable engagement ring, but rather the thrill of getting a ‘bargain’ that drove them both to devise this plan with military precision involving research, haggling techniques and synchronised watches for the best time of the year to execute the operation.

I was duly impressed with the outcome, as they did secure a beautiful ring at an excellent price, but I was also convinced that there had to be an easier way!

Haggling by Sharon Mollerus, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Haggling for your perfect, affordable engagement ring may not be the easiest thing to do.

Mission Impossible?

F and I were pleased to see that affordable engagement rings were really out there. However, we found that most of the pre-made, standard showcase rings were just that: ‘standard’. Unfortunately, the commonly proposed spending budget – between one and three months’ salary, depending on the sources – did not seem likely to afford us anything even remotely close to what we had in mind.

Industry mark-ups can range from 40% to a staggering 1000%, which seemed to make the idea of finding an engagement ring that had both the look and price we wanted seem even more unlikely! However, we did discover a few money-saving tricks, and a wonderful resource that alleviated our fears that we were on mission impossible.

Tips and Tricks for Spending Less

It was suggested that we look into buying loose gemstones from wholesalers whose prices are typically much lower. Or to find a gemstone that was of an average grade, and have it cut and set to make it look bigger and of better quality. But we chose to investigate bespoke engagement rings as a more exciting route to obtaining an affordable engagement ring.

Bespoke designers can create rings that are more unique, personalised and magnificent than anything you might find in a standard jewellery store.

These designers (meet them here!) have in-depth knowledge of stones, alternative stones, settings, cuts, shapes and metals, plus they have the artistic talent to design a ring of outstanding beauty with original thinking and many creative touches. The fact that you will be working in partnership with them means that they will know and understand everything you wish for in the perfect ring, while also keeping in mind the need for sticking to a budget.

Choosing a bespoke engagement ring is certainly not the easy way out. The process requires time, thought, creativity and originality. However, the resulting affordable engagement ring will automatically become priceless due to these additional attributes, and no other ring will hold as much sentimental value.

Meet Independent Jewellery Designers

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