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The Sentimental Value of your Ring Makes it Priceless

Mar. 11 2014
Personalized details added to affordable engagement rings increases their value and makes them sentimentally priceless.

F and I were chatting the other morning about all the various rings that we had viewed and I asked him about one in particular. He looked at me blankly for a moment and I could see that he had zero recollection of this one ring.

Now typically, this lack of short term memory is something that I find very frustrating, however in this instance I really couldn’t blame the poor bloke.We had literally seen thousands of rings over the past few weeks and I, too, was beginning to have them all blur together in my mind. It made me realize that the ones that I could still clearly remember had had very unique and personalised details about them. And happily I seem to recall this was a feature I had noticed on a number of the more affordable engagement rings!

Smashed Piggy Bank by Images Money, used under a Creative Commons License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode)

Spending all of your savings on the perfect engagement ring may not be necessary at all.

I, like most brides-to-be, have ‘unique’ at the top of my list for the most desired qualities in an engagement ring. I am quickly learning that this desired attribute is not always derived from the size or quality of the chosen stones or even the setting. It is easy to spend thousands on a basic three-stone diamond ring and band made with premium diamonds and platinum, and yet have it look bland and very commonplace.

The true beauty is in the details and this is what will make a ring stand out from the crowd while also creating that much sought-after ‘wow’ effect.

This is the kind of stuff our Favourite Designers live for. They recommend starting with what they regard as a blank canvas. Choose from one of the more affordable engagement rings available and build on it. Our designers have the knowledge, skill and artistic ability to take any one of these rings on the market and create magic! The result will invariably be a ring that is an exquisitely unique masterpiece.

From Basics to Beautiful

However, don’t think this is the easy way out! Now the hard, creative work begins. Our designers work with their clients to really get to know what is sentimentally significant to them. This can be a rigorous exercise in creativity of your part and there are numerous options to consider.

Affordable engagement rings are typically fairly simple designs which work in your favour. For example: the metal and width of the ring band are a perfect blank page for a beautifully personalised engraving. Although you may have to play around with a word limit, what you do say can be made beautiful by choosing elegant fonts or letter size.

The message can be totally private and personal to your relationship and will show her just how committed you are to the union.

The more modest engagement rings have the advantage of allowing you to allocate your financial resources to other elements and features of the ring. Any simple ring can be elevated to the level of magnificent with added metalwork details such as intricate carvings or milgrain patterning. With the addition of these exquisite decorative touches, affordable engagement rings all the sudden become stunningly unique and priceless engagement rings!

Whether you are choosing from a less costly ring out of necessity or choice, your options for adding priceless sentimental value to it are endless.

The perfect engagement ring can be defined not by its price, size or by sparkle, but by the time, effort and thought you put into choosing this unique piece for your unique partner.

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