Tips and tricks to afford your special ring

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24 Mar. 2014

Justify an Affordable Engagement Ring

True love is priceless, I'm sure that any bride would agree to that. This is why, if you'd ask us, there is no need to spend a fortune on an outrageously expensive engagement ring and start your first years of marriage with a debt from here to Tokyo. In case you have a bride who disagrees to that: these are our top 4 reasons to go for an affordable engagement ring. Read More...

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11 Mar. 2014

The Sentimental Value of your Ring Makes it Priceless

Personalised details such as personal engravings, incorporated inherited stones, unique decorations and details can contribute greatly to the emotional and sentimental value of an engagement ring. It's not all about the money, after all - the symbolism and good memories attached to an engagement ring are the most important factors for most brides-to-be. Read More...

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17 Feb. 2014

An Affordable Engagement Ring can be a Reality

An engagement ring usually costs a fortune – or maybe not? Disregard the huge industry mark-ups that famous and expensive brands add on top of their prices, and you'll see that you can save yourself a lot on money, while having a ring that's equally stunning and even more unique when going bespoke with an independent jewellery designer! Read More...

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17 Feb. 2014

Truths and Myths of Engagement Ring Pricing

Did you know that sapphires, opals or coloured diamonds are not necessarily less expensive than white diamonds? And that it is more sensible to go for a smaller diamond of higher quality than for a bigger one that doesn't shine as it should? Here's some surprising facts about the prices of diamonds and engagement rings. Read More...

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17 Feb. 2014

Sharing the Cost of an Affordable Engagement Ring

Marriage is an adventure you enter together, so why not invest in it together? If you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense to split the cost of an engagement ring between two partners, and research shows that more and more women are willing to contribute to the cost of their special token of love. A very emancipated statement that fits the modern times, if you'd ask me. Read More...

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17 Feb. 2014

Industry Mark-Ups and Affordable Engagement Rings

Is it really worth it spending thousands of euros more on an engagement ring, just because it has a fancy brand on it? Not if you'd ask me. Step outside the realm of ‘designer diamonds' and into the world of bespoke jewellery design, and you will find prices on equally gorgeous gemstones will become considerably lower. Read More...

17 Feb. 2014

Custom Designers Create Affordable Engagement Rings

Ever wondered how to go about obtaining a ring that adequately represents your feelings for your partner while also ending up with enough money for a proper wedding and honeymoon? Independent designers of bespoke jewellery can help you out by using their skills and experience to keep your commission within your budget. Read More...

17 Feb. 2014

Modern Science Makes Rings More Affordable

Looking for a more affordable engagement ring for your beloved? Perhaps you should consider the option of synthetic stones! From diamond simulants to synthetic rubies, nowadays modern science can create dazzling gemstones that are equally stunning as the natural ones. Read More...

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F&L's Guide

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is always a little overshadowed by the impending doom of learning its price. However, this grey cloud does not have to be the ominous presence that it is played up to be. So, just how much should an engagement ring cost? Are affordable engagement rings a myth like a magical unicorn? Fortunately you can make affordability a reality with the aid of a little knowledge.