Susan Peires


Susan Peires

F loves stories and Susan loves to tell stories. Each of her rings is born from an inspiring tale sourced from folklore, history, mythology or romances. I talked to her about some of the motifs and ideas that have gripped her imagination and resulted in rings of extraordinary beauty. For couples who see their engagement ring design as an opportunity to tell their own story, Susan Peires is the ideal narrator.

In her studio we settled in to hear of some of the legends that she has already told for her clients in her ring designs.

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Below the Lagoon

As an engagement ring designer Susan Peires has a gift to translate the world around us into a jewel that has a special message for its wearer. She tells us to close our eyes and imagine that the balmy days of summer have returned and that the tide has receded leaving tide pools in its wake. The lagoon is shallower than normal, crystal clear and pale green. If you look closely you can see the activity beneath the surface. There are fish feeding on the rock pools that twinkle and sparkle (the diamond) in the sun’s light and a turtle just hanging out on a rock, warming itself in the sun.

We open our eyes and before us is the very embodiment of that feeling in one of Susan’s rings.

Susan Peires on the Power of Gems

When we saw Susan’s ring designs we saw the work of an artist who captures the magic of a gemstone in every piece. I asked her to tell us more and we entered into another mysterious world of fable of lore.

We met the Great Snake whose job it is to hold tight into his belly the precious stones that would protect the beautiful warm blooded souls above. From rubies with their portent for love and protection from evil; garnets for good fortune; amethysts to protect from the evil eyes and bring about calmness and clarity; to aquamarines to hold off diseases, alleviate fear and promote calm. Sapphires, associated with peace and happiness to help with insight and to see the future; and the peridot, the strengthener of life and lifter of depression.
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