Ruth Tomlinson


Ruth Tomlinson

One of the qualities of Ruth Tomlinson that attracts F and me to her work is her eclecticism and openness when it comes to sources of inspiration. These range from various periods and styles in history to the idea of treasure troves. I am certain that you could approach Ruth with your own inspiration and her flexible, artistic mind would embrace it to create the design that you want.

With her fascination for interesting gem colours and her travels to find those unique, one-off cuts, F and I can see that she has the materials, the skill and the creative flair to fashion the dream engagement ring.

MORE ON Ruth Tomlinson

Ruth Tomlinson Exploits the Non-Traditional

F and I are always on the lookout for more options for non-traditional engagement rings, and Ruth Tomlinson certainly has a few ideas in this direction up her sleeve. Her intuition for the materials that she uses is so deep that she is able to turn coincidence and the unexpected into a stylistic feature that she can develop in her jewellery designs.

From wax working to fine wire work, Ruth Tomlinson has honed several techniques that she uses to great effect when creating an engagement ring.

Ruth is also attracted to the unconventional in her selection of stones. Seeking out diamonds in their natural form, she brings out their beautiful light to harness the more subtle and understated effect of these gems than that found in the treated diamond.

Ruth Tomlinson & Antique Diamonds

Ruth Tomlinson has a passion for antique diamonds so F and I explored this a bit further with her. She loves the Old Miner cut and she specifically seeks out the historical cuts that were executed with the craftsman’s intuition rather than by following the mathematical formulae of the more modern cuts.

She collects the loose antique gems that she can find to create a modern interpretation of their beauty in her designs.

Ruth specialises in working with the family heirlooms that clients bring her to fashion into a more contemporary style that suits the wearer while preserving the history of the gem. I have always been particularly inspired by the possibilities of wearing a family story in an engagement ring.
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