Robert Feather


Robert Feather

By blending his innate sense of space and form with an instinct for colour, texture and light, Robert Feather conceptualises a unique design for each engagement ring commission. F and I are filled with awe at this sort of skill since spatial awareness doesn’t feature as a forte in either of our lives.

He conceives of a jewellery piece almost as a small building and arranges stones to create patterns out of the space that lies between the gem arrangement. The interplay of juxtaposed metal and stone intrigues this designer and results in engagement rings that are breathtaking in their contemporary elegance.

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Robert Feather’s Love of Sapphires

My heart soared when Robert Feather told me that he adores sapphires and loves to use them in engagement ring designs. My instinct is to associate the sapphire with sensational blues, and F has always commended me on my blue eyes so I have romantic notions of matching them to an engagement ring.

Robert told me about his fascination with sapphire stones whose colours electrify the soul. As I discovered, sapphire stones are mined in many different colours. When the right light falls on one of Robert Feather’s sapphire engagement rings he can guarantee that it will sparkle with magical intensity and brilliance, whatever its colour.

And for an engagement ring, the sapphire, according to this designer, offers a durable and strong alternative to the traditional diamond ring. This is a real plus for those who seek something a little different but equally stunning.

Robert Feather Combines Old and New

Robert Feather offers an approach to engagement ring design that can help many clients visualise that perfect piece. After creating his designs by hand in the manner of the traditional craftsman, he harnesses the latest technology software to present the concept to the client in a format that allows him to hone the ring’s details and colours to exactly match what many clients have in their minds but struggle to articulate.

I loved looking at the capacity this software provides to see Robert’s engagement ring designs from all angles: front elevation, side elevation and in plan. He can show you what it will look like with different colours, renderings and as many options as your imagination can generate.
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