Ornella Iannuzzi


Ornella Iannuzzi

Sometimes L tells me about how she would love to find a designer whose sources of inspiration were so clear that your gut tells you what they are even before you investigate the background to the ring. In Ornella Iannuzzi I think I have found that designer

All you have to do is look at Ornella’s designs for engagement rings and you can feel the raw forces of nature that have inspired her work. She has promoted her Coralline collection for soon-to-be brides and I am transported to the intricate and complex world of Coral structures when I look at these engagement rings.

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Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia

For people looking to embody nature’s passion and extremes in the ring that they give to their intended, I can safely say that Ornella Iannuzzi’s commissioned work will speak volumes to you. I am intrigued by her skill in capturing the craggy rocks of the Alps and the molten flow of lava in these miniature landscapes for the hand.

I watched L become transfixed by one of Ornella's pieces that she dreamed up while overlooking the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia.

Witnessing the drama and energy of the roaring water she was inspired to create a ring that would match such a perfect location for a proposal.

In her imagination she could see the meeting of a couple’s raw passion against the backdrop of the ultimate in nature’s wild and unconstrained force. For both me and L this ring tells the story of these emotions and will give the lucky couple a token of this power that will last them a lifetime.

Ornella Iannuzzi on Opals

Ornella’s big thing is the opal. Have you considered an opal engagement ring for something a little different? For Ornella the opal is an endless source of inspiration and playful delight. She points out how every one is unique and individual – you cannot physically find two identical opals.

She told us about her journey to Ethiopia in search of the Wello opal that was discovered in 2008 in this province west of Addis Ababa. Unknown for millennia, but recently compared to the quality of the renowned Australian and Brazilian opals, this hidden gem has been adopted by Ornella Iannuzzi and given a showcase it truly deserves.

Mastering the Wello opal’s play of colours, its translucent qualities and its dreamy milky white hues, Ornella enters into a dialogue between stone and precious metal that has given birth to the Coralline Collection and to commissioned rings that any couple would be unable to resist.
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