Nicola Hurst


Nicola Hurst

L always warms to the romantics who design jewellery and in Nicola Hurst she found a kindred spirit. From her studio in Plymouth, this designer dreams up rings whose handcrafting becomes a project that engages her whole soul.

While she loves to start from scratch, Nicola also has a knack for sensitively responding to clients who come to her with precious jewellery or stones whose history and story they want to be commemorated in an engagement ring.

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Nicola Hurst and the Spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright

So how, I wondered, can you reconcile the massive of the architectural experience with the miniature of the engagement ring? Nicola Hurst’s work answers this question beautifully. Her hero is Frank Lloyd Wright and she follows the philosophies behind his architectural masterpieces.

Nicola aspires to design rings that embody the idea of the ‘organic’ whereby form and function become one harmonious relationship. Her work reveals the beauty which Lloyd Wright believed was the natural outcome of this integration.

I can see the freedom of innovation and fresh concepts in Nicola’s engagement rings and I can imagine Mr Lloyd Wright blessing her work from his lofty heavenly home. She understands his creed that ornament should be based on an abstraction of forms in nature, and if you want a ring designed with this personal manifesto then you should definitely speak to Nicola Hurst.

18 Carat White Gold Inspires Nicola Hurst

I have to admit that my natural instinct leans towards the less glitzy and more subtle gleam of white gold in an engagement ring band so I share Nicola Hurst’s enthusiasm for the 18 carat white gold that gives her jewellery an enviable elegance that would please any fiancé.

She is passionate about this precious metal’s natural colour and prefers to let it hold its own with its gentle glow rather than to use the traditional rhodium plating. Her own engagement ring sports its luscious blue diamond on a stunning 18 carat white gold band…a far cry from the worn shell ring that her husband used to propose with on a lovely New Zealand beach!
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