Melanie Eddy


Melanie Eddy

L has a fascination for Melanie Eddy’s skilful play with the facet in all her work. Melanie’s engagement rings are distinctive for their clear, crisp edges and unusual shapes.

Melanie focuses on the beauty of the precious metal and the stylistic potential of the gold shapes that she plays with. She has concentrated on this aspect for a while and is now adapting this to establish a dialogue between the ring and its stone which will promote the harmony between the shape of the gem and the shape of the metal band.

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Melanie Eddy on Form

Melanie Eddy is all about geometry in design. What does this mean for her engagement ring designs? Well, I saw a range of unusual shapes that are primarily a celebration of angles and surfaces. The unexpected angles of the ring itself surprise the eye and challenge the viewer and wearer to reconsider the traditional shape of a ring. Using geometric templates, Melanie develops her fascination with different ways to rotate arcs, squares, hexagons and more into forms that breathe elegance and modern sophistication.

I sense that Melanie approaches her engagement ring commissions almost like an architect. She concentrates on turning her two-dimensional plans into forms that dazzle in three dimensions.

Melanie Eddy's Cultural Inspirations

One of the things that I think makes Melanie Eddy’s engagement ring designs stand out above the crowd is the sensitive blending of geometrical patterns and cultural soul that she achieves in each commission.

When armed with a brief from a client, Melanie will plunge into historical, cultural and intellectual sources to find inspiration. She has found much to celebrate in architectural references and particularly in the language of sacred spaces from medieval churches to Islamic mosques. She seeks to create engagement rings that reinterpret classical styles through her personal vocabulary. Clients can detect elements of the Art Deco period in her work, and her extensive involvement in the development of the Afghan jewellery industry has given her a portfolio of visual styles that is wide ranging and historical.

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