Mairi Burrow


Mairi Burrow

When L and I looked at Mairi Burrow’s work we were struck by the attention to detail and the vintage feel of her designs. She is very sensitive to the Art Deco flavour and is influenced by the genre’s aesthetic, its techniques and its decorative detail such as granulation patterns.

Mairi Burrow demonstrates a passion for texture, for unusual experiments in blending white and yellow gold for two-tone engagement ring bands, and for working with her clients to achieve a ring that stands out from the crowd.

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Mairi Burrow & the Art of Contrast

L is particularly drawn to Mairi Burrow’s fascination with contrasting concepts in the engagement rings she designs. Her pieces are delicate but their delicacy has overtones of strength. Mairi plays with elements of control and blends them with the organic or natural in her rings.

So, while she follows her highly refined sense of instinct for the shapes suggested by the precious metals and gems that she works with, she also contrasts this intuitive approach with the precision and sharp detail that software like CAD gives her designs.

It is her unusual blend of CAD, which gives Mairi Burrow the scope to develop her own patterns, with the hands-on human artistry of the traditional craftsman, that results in finished commissions that are truly unique.

Mairi Burrow’s Rings Tell Stories

While Mairi Burrow is the creative force behind her very successful brand, Mustard & Peaches, she very much shares our view that bespoke work is an opportunity to tell the individual story of the client.

L and I were charmed by the tales behind several of her commissions. From the client who wanted to incorporate the shape of a feather as the setting of ring’s diamond to symbolise his recovery from a long illness, to a lover whose proposal in Venice generated an engagement ring created around Venetian motifs, Mairi Burrow embraces the unique story behind each couple’s romance as an inspiration for her designs.
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